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Based on more than 23 years of experience in the field, BIT Software, Ltd. is developing and implementing fully functional ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions which allow companies to improve productivity and provide better services to customers by streamlining and automating processes to achieve smart growth and sustainability goals.

BITSoftware is an ISO:9001:2008 certified company.

Pioneers & Innovators

BITSoftware is the first company in Romania to launch an open source ERP & CRM world class solution – SocrateOpen, used by companies activating in professional services, manufacturing, distribution and construction, the first company in Romania to launch enterprise-class ERP/CRM solution in cloud, SocrateCloud – a modern, highly adaptable, and one of the first companies in Romania which developed an ERP system – Socrate+, implemented in more than 150 medium and large size companies.

Strong partnership network

Central to BITSoftware success is the development of a strong partnership network including technology partners like MicroStrategyOracle and Microsoft, and implementation partners like Wisoft Professional Services, WebArk, GreenSoft and Thunga, to name a few. This has enabled BITSoftware to draw on the resources and expertise of key market players to help develop state of the art software solutions.

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Joop de Jong – President

Joop de Jong - President

Joop de Jong studied mathematics at the Technical University in Delft (The Netherlands). After graduating, he joined the Baan Company as a system programmer/designer in 1984. He became responsible for founding a research and development for developing standard architectural concepts and Enterprise Resource Planning, in short, ERP software. This center became the basis for a rapid growth of the Baan Company. During the nineties of the previous century. That time, Baan Company belonged together with SAP and Oracle to the top three of the global ERP vendors in the world. In the late ’80s, Joop established one of the first software development centers for outsourcing software development in Bombay (India). As Vice President of Product Development in 1991, he left the Baan Company and founded his own company, Mprise Group, in the Netherlands. A wide service concept regarding ERP was designed and developed. First aimed for customers with a Baan ERP implementation, later also for customers with a Microsoft Dynamics implementation. This concept proved very successful in several European countries, e.g. Belgium, Germany and Romania. Various offices are set up. Joop gained an appointment for par-time professor ‘Extended Enterprise Studies at the University for Applied Sciences at Utrecht’ (The Netherlands) in 2003. As a member of the Board of the Enterprise Engineering Institute he is also active in publishing new concepts for the next generation of information systems.

Remus Cazacu – General Manager and Founder

Remus Cazacu - General Manager and Founder. BITSoftware BITSoftware - ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions

Remus is a serial entrepreneur with strong background in computers, software development and economic theory. He graduated from Transylvania University of Brasov and is holding a bachelor degree in Economic Sciences. He taught economics at the Organizations Management Institute Brasov and is part of various national and international projects. In 1991, still a student, together with 2 associates he started his first IT company, doing businesses in hardware, networking and software sales. He founded BITSoftware in 1993. After 18 years of successful activity, BITSoftware is now a major player in CRM, ERP and BI Romanian market, with more than 150 clients and a reputation for excellence.

Teodor Breazu – Sales Director

Teodor Breazu - Sales Director. BITSoftware - ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions

Teodor graduated from Transylvania University, Brasov, as electro-technical engineer. Besides his technical background he gained extensive experience in sales leadership and before joining BITSoftware in 2004, he worked as sales manager for companies doing businesses in fast moving consumer goods like Aurora SA, Cora, LeFrumarin and as a business consultant for Saria Bio Industries Gmbh. Starting with 2004, he switched to ERP and CRM sales, from 2005 he became Distribution & Production Division Manager. From the beginning of 2012, he became the Sales Director in BITSoftware.

Miklos Keresztes – Director, Development

Miklos Keresztes - Director, Development. BITSoftware ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions

Miklos is Software Developer Director at BIT Software. He graduated the Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science – Transylvania University – Brasov. He has more than 15 years experience on ERP and CRM software development and customer support in BIT and strong knowledge about development processes, team coordination and project management. His role is to coordinate the programmer’s team, to manage the development process and assure the highest possible quality for BIT Software solutions.

Mihai Aron – Director, Technical Support

Mihai Aron - Director, Technical Support. BITSoftware - ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions

Mihai is an IT enthusiast who enjoys solving all types of problems, even if this means to stay up all night, and the day after. After he graduated the Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications & IT from University POLITEHNICA of Bucharest he started to work in 1999 as IT Admin in a BNC Novell network, with 5 PC’s and one Server, where he managed the growth to 100 PC’s nationally spread in a complex WAN. He joined BIT Software team in 2002 as Technical Support Consultant and after 6 years of successful activity, he accepted the proposal to lead the Technical Support Department. Now from this position he watches over technical teams to deliver best quality in order to support and improve the BIT Software’s products and services.

Anca Cazacu – Director, Marketing & PR

Anca Cazacu - Director, Marketing & PR . BITSoftware - ERP, CRM and Business Intelligence (BI) solutions

Anca joined BITSoftware in 1999, starting with implementation, testing and then account management. After 2 years in the company she took over the marketing activities, actively promoting BIT Software products and services. Anca graduated from Transylvania University, Brasov, Economic Sciences and has a bachelor degree in Marketing.