The emergence of omnichannel supply chain

Date: 15-01-2016

The current economy and the rapid evolution of e-commerce have constrained the companies to change in order to better respond to customers’ expectations and to offer them the most pleasant experience regardless of the chosen channel. A successful business has to use all the available channels to reach the customer and to keep track with any innovation in this field, even if these succeed in such a fast pace.

Data is More Secure in Cloud than On Premises

Date: 02-12-2015

If cloud architecture were a human being, then it would be in its teens. Companies are still undecided about migrating to the cloud, because the cloud security related opinions are very divided, making cloud’s image quite insecure. Consciously or not, we all use (more or less) cloud services. Only when it comes to sending sensitive data in the cloud, we begin to question their safety.

We will try to dispel myths about the lack of security in the cloud. This technology is safe and reliable. Cloud remains the safest data storage. Let’s see why!

Cloud Market Trends for Romania

Date: 18-11-2015

During the IMWorld 2015 event, Remus Cazacu, General Manager and Founder BITSoftware, was invited along with representatives of Microsoft Romania and Spearhead to debate the cloud market trends in Romania.

The participants concluded that the rate of cloud technology adoption is constantly growing, although it has a slight delay to other European countries. Customers are beginning to look for more productive and viable alternatives in terms of costs.

In cloud you can benefit of flexibility, performance, scalability and reduced infrastructure costs. Cloud improves the efficiency of your teams wherever they are, by offering easy access via the Internet to last-generation business solutions and by reducing infrastructure costs without sacrificing security and performance. Security is another major advantage of cloud technology. Data is encrypted using complex algorithms and the server connection is secured to the highest standards.

This fall brings new ways to get work done with GoogleApps

Date: 22-10-2015

The world, as well as businesses are in constant motion. To keep pace with customer expectations, GoogleApps for Work announced a bunch of new features, interesting for everyone of us: voice typing, new themes, more visibility to the last amendments made ​​on shared documents and many more.
Voice typing helps the way we work on the go, when it’s easier to talk than type. Improvements were made to voice transcription make even long-form dictation, like sharing meetings minutes with teammates around the world.

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