IoT and AR to Transform Logistics in 2016

Date: 20-01-2016

IoT (Internet of Things) and Augmented Reality (AR) are just two of the trends to transform logistic as we knew it in 2016. These two technologies will simplify and automate the logistics processes. 3PL providers will also expand their services, which will bring an increase of the ERP and WMS software demand.

The emergence of omnichannel supply chain

Date: 15-01-2016

The current economy and the rapid evolution of e-commerce have constrained the companies to change in order to better respond to customers’ expectations and to offer them the most pleasant experience regardless of the chosen channel. A successful business has to use all the available channels to reach the customer and to keep track with any innovation in this field, even if these succeed in such a fast pace.

Growing E-Commerce Forces Transformation in Distribution

Date: 07-12-2015

Even since its beginning, e-commerce has transformed the way stores sell their products and how buyers buy them. Let’s consider the following figures:
– in 2014, the domestic online retail has exceeded 1 billion Euro, compared to 600 million in 2013 (as GPeC has estimated)
according to the last census, Romania has a population of 19,7 million inhabitants of which over 10 million are Internet users
Romania currently has over 5000 online stores (and their number is constantly growing)

Transilana Improves by 40% the Delivery Lead Time with SocratePlus ERP

Date: 13-11-2015

An integrated system that manages all processes in the organization, a user-friendly interface and specific functionalities for Transilana’s activity led the company to choose SocratePlus ERP in 1997, being among the first companies to implement our system. 18 years later, Transilana successfully uses the same system.

Transilana grew year by year and so did the modules and functionalities (in number and complexity). Currently, Transilana uses all the available modules in SocratePlus ERP: Purchasing, Inventory, Sales, Finance and Accounting, Fixed Assets, Payroll and the more recently implemented module – Manufacturing.

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