How Mobile Intelligence will change everything

Date: 03-08-2012

„If you’re not ready to ride it, you’ll be swept away by a tsunami of change that will fundamentally alter the world. And mobile computing is a tipping point technology for the information revolution, a revolution that began with writing on clay tablets, and continued through the invention of the printing press and computers. Mobile will be the catalyst that brings society the most dramatic changes of the Information Revolution”. That’s the theme of „The Mobile Wave” by Michael Saylor, the chairman and CEO of MicroStrategy. The book, a bestseller in the United States, explores how mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets will change business, jobs, healthcare, banking, politics, law enforcement, and much more. „I think every ten years or so there’s something really exciting in the information technology business. We’ve had the mainframe wave, the mini-computer wave, the personal computer (PC) wave, and then the Internet wave. Now, […]

MicroStrategy Updates BI Platform with Dashboards, Big Data, and Analytics

Date: 20-07-2012

MicroStrategy, the largest independent provider of Business Intelligence solutions in the world, just launched the new 9.3 version of its business intelligence solution. The update enhances the platform’s Visual Insight user environment, improves to its ability to handle ‘Big Data’, and incorporates advanced analytics from R — an open source programming language for statistical computing. The most important upgrades in MicroStrategy 9.3 are centered on Visual Insight, a data visualization module, intuitive and accessible to business users who aren’t schooled in query languages or statistical analysis. New geospatial density maps use color coding to represent geospatial concentrations, such as customers in proximity to retail stores. Image layouts let analysts depict data in context, showing, for example, sales by region, customer traffic by department in a store, or productivity on a manufacturing production line. New network diagrams show relationships among items, such website pages visited and checkout results on an e-commerce […]

Better business decisions with SocrateBI

Date: 16-07-2012

The success of an organization depends on the method and speed of responding to changing market conditions. Therefore, Business Intelligence is often defined as the array of processes and technologies that turn information into insight and action, to effectively understand, predict, optimize, and prepare to take action upon current and future business activity. BI applications find their way into a vast range of business areas including CRM, ERP, financial management, etc. They employ technologies such as: data mining, text mining, geographic information systems, language translation, statistical analysis, predictive modeling, simulation, and advanced visualization. Business Intelligence software allows companies to access their databases and deliver insights to employees, managers and business partners. The insights provided by BI then turn into actions as companies use BI applications to find new opportunities, reduce costs, reallocate resources and improve operational efficiency. BI applications allow business persons to make informed decisions by providing timely, relevant […]

Offline access to Google Docs

Date: 24-05-2012

There may be times when you don’t have an Internet connection, like on an airplane or train without wireless Internet, but you still want access to a file you’ve saved in Google Docs. Now, Google made it possible. So, you can select any file in Google Docs to make it available offline. So regardless of whether you’re connected to the internet, you’re always connected to those files. And this option is available for PC, Notebook, Smartphone or Tablet. View files offline in the Google Drive Android app Individual items in the Google Drive app for Android can be viewed offline when your mobile device has no Internet connectivity. And you can also make many file types available offline, including Google documents, Google spreadsheets, uploaded images, and files in formats such as .pdf, .doc, .xls and .ppt. When your Android device loses Internet connectivity, you can access your offline items by […]

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