New home for Google Docs: Google Drive!

Date: 25-09-2012

What Google already announced a while ago, it happened. Google Docs moved to Drive! How this will affect you? In no way. Just like before, you can upload, edit, share, and create files online. And you can access your files wherever you are, from any device. And you can work with even more file types by installing Google Drive apps. What’s the same, what’s changed If you’ve used Google Docs, some things in Google Drive will be familiar. You can create a docs by clicking the red „Create” button and choosing the type (document, spreadsheet, presentation, form, drowing, etc). You can also share with exactly who you want (without email attachments), search or sort your list of files, folders, and Google Docs, or preview files and Google Docs. In Google Drive, collections are now called folders and more things have been added to the Settings menu, including upload settings. The […]

Voice Search app from Google, now available even in Romanian

Date: 10-09-2012

„How far is Cluj Napoca from Brașov?”. „Where do I found the first oil station on my way from Brașov to Cluj Napoca?”. You may type those phrase fast, but certainly you can say it even faster. And when you`re on the go, speed is what you`re looking for. As communication needs to evolve more quickly, Google invests in development of new technologies to improve the experience of web search on mobile devices. Voice Search allows users to search on the Internet as easy as talking on the phone. The application uses a vocal technology to transform spoken words into text and then performs the query on the Google search engine like text would be entered manually. All data are processed through technologies hosted in the cloud, not on the mobile phone, which means that the application is fast and easy to use. Voice Search was already available in 29 […]

Gmail in personal search results

Date: 24-08-2012

Google often experimenting with new functions throughout its services portfolio.  Although such features are rarely open for regular users, this time we are dealing with an exception to the rule. Google has begun offering more details about the possibility of integrating Gmail messages, related to the searched keywords, among the results to a common search. Thankfully, personal emails aren’t arbitrary slips through those results, so that can not be seen by everyone. But how does it works this new Google`s functionality? It is quite simple. If you have this function activated, in the upper right corner of the results window you will see a button, which allows you to view those email conversations that are suitable for that search. In other words, that contain the keywords used in search.   If you want to read an email or a conversation made up of several emails, it is enough to click […]

MicroStrategy Updates BI Platform with Dashboards, Big Data, and Analytics

Date: 20-07-2012

MicroStrategy, the largest independent provider of Business Intelligence solutions in the world, just launched the new 9.3 version of its business intelligence solution. The update enhances the platform’s Visual Insight user environment, improves to its ability to handle ‘Big Data’, and incorporates advanced analytics from R — an open source programming language for statistical computing. The most important upgrades in MicroStrategy 9.3 are centered on Visual Insight, a data visualization module, intuitive and accessible to business users who aren’t schooled in query languages or statistical analysis. New geospatial density maps use color coding to represent geospatial concentrations, such as customers in proximity to retail stores. Image layouts let analysts depict data in context, showing, for example, sales by region, customer traffic by department in a store, or productivity on a manufacturing production line. New network diagrams show relationships among items, such website pages visited and checkout results on an e-commerce […]

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