Google Presentations makes it easier to collaborate with team members or clients

Data: 28-06-2012

We’ve all been frustrated by technology that gets slower, less reliable and less useful over time. But Google Apps is different. It actually gets better week after week, without patches or updates to manage. People can absorb this stream of innovation without being distracted from their workflow. Earlier this month, Google Docs received a number of updates and new features to help improve user experience. Now Google has focused its attention on Presentations and introduced a new feature called Discussions for easy collaboration with others, and more than 50 new features. Drawing on canvas Whether you’re trying to impress your boss with an end-of-quarter presentation or your colleagues with an animated book report, the new version of Google presentations can help. With the new features of Google presentations, you can draw organizational charts, flowcharts or design diagrams, and you can see updates in realtime as you edit presentations with other […]

Pay as you use or subscription based pricing. What to choose?

Data: 27-04-2012

When it comes to the cost of the cloud, it is important to analyze all cloud`s models:  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Those three different service models for the delivery of cloud computing provide companies with the ability to mix and match the best service model to the business needs of their organization, based on requirements and payment options and depending on the vertical industry and specific applications portfolio. Then choose the model or combination of models that offers you the most benefits at the lowest cost. Because each model has its own costs, based on a various factors, from storage space needed to monthly traffic. To arrive at a total pricing for a cloud service, user organizations must take note of individual service elements that a provider bills for and how these are calculated. For instance, does the […]

„Google Apps for efficient companies” – an event organized by BITSoftware and Google

Data: 28-09-2011

BITSoftware and Google organize the „Google Apps for efficient companies” event on October 14th, 2011, in Bucharest. Join the free event to learn how to reduce IT costs and help employees collaborate more effectively, by using Google`s communication and collaboration applications. Przemek Sienkiewicz, Head of Google Enterprise CEE, Russia & CIS, will be one of the  event speakers, talking about the benefits of using 100% web applications, configured for any type of companies. The event will be held at the Novotel Hotel – Bucharest (Calea Victoriei 37B), starting at 9.30. The participation is free, based on invitation. Since 2010, BITSoftware became Google Apps Authorized Reseller, providing various services for the successful use of these applications. For internal and external communication and collaboration, BITSoftware used over time different applications. Since 2007, when Google released Google Application, BITSoftware replaced all these applications with a single one, Google Apps. with excellent results in […]

Automatic Project Login Web Addon

Data: 12-09-2011

I’ve noticed that in my experience, most users log into a single project.  Either because there’s only one project in the environment, or because the projects are specific to their department or function and it’s the only one they have access to.  With that, it’s always slightly annoyed me that a user has to login and then click to access the single project they have. I’ve wanted to build a web addon for a long time that would automatically send a user to their project if they’ve only got access to one, but still present the normal project list to someone with access to many.  I’m not very good with the Web SDK and have only done some very basic stuff, but I finally had success with this project and was able to somewhat accomplish it.  It’s not perfect, and I think it could be a lot better, but I’d […]

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