True and false about ERP solution

Data: 18-10-2012

Even in this decade of automation, there are so many misconceptions about implementing ERP solutions. Thanks to those wrong perceptions, it seems to exist a sort of reluctance among users to adapt to ERP. According to Forrester Research, there are at least 15 myths about ERP solutions, and the most popular ERP myths refer to price, advantages, implementation and beneficiaries of the benefits of using such solutions. Those myths are false or true? Let’s see. 1. ERP is high-priced It`s not true. Yes, sophisticated high-end ERP solutions with large functionalities are very expensive, such a complex integrated application being addressed more to medium and large companies. But now, thanks to the technological advancements like cloud computing and mobility solutions, ERP solutions are available in all sizes and shapes and any company size can benefit from advanced technology and flexible management solution at a fraction of cost. 2. ERP system is […]

Turn the latent information into valuable competitive awareness by integrated BI and ERP systems

Data: 12-10-2012

With ERP software, many businesses have become very good at gathering and inputting data.  ERP software makes it easy to manage all of an organization’s data using one business software tool rather than multiple separate applications that lack interoperability.  This is the strength of ERP, and many businesses have spent a great deal of money on ERP solutions, hoping they would  bring forth the end of their worries. The reality, however, is that while most ERP solutions gather the data, they only provide some standard reports, for detailed analysis a company needs a business intelligence solution.  How useful is it to have a plenitude of information with no practical way to access it and analyze it?  In today’s competitive environment, managers are anxious to stay well informed on what is happening within their business and throughout their industry. As a result, businesses are placing more and more emphasis on the […]

Influences of business problems over the ERP solution

Data: 06-10-2012

I read an excellent article about influences of business problems over the ERP solution. In his article, Brett Beaubouef said that in business, like in real life, all of us instinctively trying to avoid or minimize problem. Or „pain”, as he named it. And also we are focused on eliminating the symptoms rather than finding the pain cause. „And we may feel temporary relieve”, noticed Brett, „but our short-term decisions only lead us to a point were the pain resurfaces and the available options to address the pain become more limited and costly.” And he proposes a three-step process to transform business pain in something good for your ERP solution. The first step is taking an appropriate problem solving approach. Because, said Brett, many companies do not execute the problem-solving process effectively. Why? Cause they believe that having an ERP system simplifies the problem-solving process. As Beaubouef says, „the misperceptions […]

How Mobile Intelligence will change everything

Data: 03-08-2012

„If you’re not ready to ride it, you’ll be swept away by a tsunami of change that will fundamentally alter the world. And mobile computing is a tipping point technology for the information revolution, a revolution that began with writing on clay tablets, and continued through the invention of the printing press and computers. Mobile will be the catalyst that brings society the most dramatic changes of the Information Revolution”. That’s the theme of „The Mobile Wave” by Michael Saylor, the chairman and CEO of MicroStrategy. The book, a bestseller in the United States, explores how mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets will change business, jobs, healthcare, banking, politics, law enforcement, and much more. „I think every ten years or so there’s something really exciting in the information technology business. We’ve had the mainframe wave, the mini-computer wave, the personal computer (PC) wave, and then the Internet wave. Now, […]

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