Google Docs`s Research Bar – finding handy info without ever leaving the page

Data: 15-06-2012

Google has added a new Research bar to Google Docs to help users browse Google for information while working on an article or paper. Google Docs’ new sidebar appears along the right-hand side of your document and will show you different types of results: web results, images, quotations, maps, reviews, and more. The feature can be invoked from Docs’ Tools menu, by keyboard shortcut, or perhaps in the most useful way, by right-clicking on any word in the document area. You can narrow your search to specific types of results by using the drop-down menu in the search bar. A search bar produces similar results to a traditional query, but with the added ability to immediately embed found text or objects into the document area, along with appropriate citations wherever possible.   Exploring the search results   Under the web results category, you’ll find a number of websites related to […]

You’ll find the information you need, when you need it, with Google Vault

Data: 10-05-2012

Businesses of all sizes need to be prepared for the unexpected. In legal actions, a business can be required to turn over all emails on a topic, or between certain employees. It’s a huge and expensive headache to hunt down these emails, especially for smaller businesses who don’t have dedicated IT staff. Even then, there’s no guarantee they’ll really get everything relevant. Now, Gmail business customers get a huge help. Because Google launched a new feature for Google Apps for Business, Google Vault. Vault is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for managing information critical to your business and preserving important data. This new app can reduce the costs of litigation, regulatory investigation and compliance actions. And lets IT staff make sure that all relevant emails are stored forever, then gives them an easy way to search those emails. Vault helps protect your business so you can quickly find and preserve […]

Statements about mobile business intelligence, BI trends and cloud computing

Data: 13-09-2011

I recently read an interesting interview about mobile business intelligence, BI trends and cloud computing with Michael Saylor, CEO of MicroStrategy. The interview was made by Jason Stamper from Computer Business Review, who is now widely regarded throughout Europe as „The Economist” of the IT industry. What caught my attention was Michael Saylor`s statement about BI trends: „There are three electric waves, if not tsunamis, that are striking the technology world right now: the mobile network transformation, the cloud network transformation, and the social network transformation”. Referring to mobile BI, he said that he was enthusiastic „since really the iPhone 3”. „I think it was an inflection point because it was really the first smartphone with the full power of a computer that could start to run software applications that otherwise you’d have gone on to the web for. Since that point we’ve seen a progressive transformation and migration from […]

We just launched the new 2.7 version of SocrateOpen ERP&CRM

Data: 06-09-2011

We continue to permanently improve our ERP solutions helping companies to achieve their long-term growth targets and to enhance productivity. Therefore, we just launched the 2.7 version of SocrateOpen, an open source ERP & CRM „tier 1” class solution. This new version of SocrateOpen comes with more than 90 enhancements in Purchasing, CRM&services, Distribution, Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), Accounting, Open Items, Fixed Assets, Stocks, Projects and Production, certain features requiring a Professional or Enterprise Edition subscription. Installation of this version needs database migration. The version is available for customers with an active support and maintenance subscription (and can be downloaded from the BITSoftware Webstore), as well as for the rest of the community (from the SocrateOpen Community website). For more information about SocrateOpen please visit the product section.

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