Google Calendar – the ideal tool for managing personal and professional schedules

Data: 21-06-2012

Desktop calendar applications are great if you’re always at your desk or if you’re diligent about synchronizing with your tablet or smartphone. But if you like to travel light, it may be time for you to switch to a calendar that you can access from any Internet terminal. Also, you have a club, team or company and you want to be sure that everyone knows about upcoming events or everyone is available in a specific day and hour for an important business meeting. Therefore, you’ll need an online calendar. And one of the most robust online calendars is available in Google Calendar. Google Calendar lets you keep track of your own events and share your calendars with others. It’s the ideal tool for managing personal and professional schedules. It is both simple to use and very powerful. Google Calendar can be accessed via mobile devices, Outlook and CalDAV In Google […]

Google Docs`s Research Bar – finding handy info without ever leaving the page

Data: 15-06-2012

Google has added a new Research bar to Google Docs to help users browse Google for information while working on an article or paper. Google Docs’ new sidebar appears along the right-hand side of your document and will show you different types of results: web results, images, quotations, maps, reviews, and more. The feature can be invoked from Docs’ Tools menu, by keyboard shortcut, or perhaps in the most useful way, by right-clicking on any word in the document area. You can narrow your search to specific types of results by using the drop-down menu in the search bar. A search bar produces similar results to a traditional query, but with the added ability to immediately embed found text or objects into the document area, along with appropriate citations wherever possible.   Exploring the search results   Under the web results category, you’ll find a number of websites related to […]

You’ll find the information you need, when you need it, with Google Vault

Data: 10-05-2012

Businesses of all sizes need to be prepared for the unexpected. In legal actions, a business can be required to turn over all emails on a topic, or between certain employees. It’s a huge and expensive headache to hunt down these emails, especially for smaller businesses who don’t have dedicated IT staff. Even then, there’s no guarantee they’ll really get everything relevant. Now, Gmail business customers get a huge help. Because Google launched a new feature for Google Apps for Business, Google Vault. Vault is an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution for managing information critical to your business and preserving important data. This new app can reduce the costs of litigation, regulatory investigation and compliance actions. And lets IT staff make sure that all relevant emails are stored forever, then gives them an easy way to search those emails. Vault helps protect your business so you can quickly find and preserve […]

Pay as you use or subscription based pricing. What to choose?

Data: 27-04-2012

When it comes to the cost of the cloud, it is important to analyze all cloud`s models:  Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS). Those three different service models for the delivery of cloud computing provide companies with the ability to mix and match the best service model to the business needs of their organization, based on requirements and payment options and depending on the vertical industry and specific applications portfolio. Then choose the model or combination of models that offers you the most benefits at the lowest cost. Because each model has its own costs, based on a various factors, from storage space needed to monthly traffic. To arrive at a total pricing for a cloud service, user organizations must take note of individual service elements that a provider bills for and how these are calculated. For instance, does the […]

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