Cloud solutions hold the potential to dramatically change the businesses that adopt them

Data: 28-02-2012

As I said in an earlier post about ERP Prediction for 2012, this year cloud-based ERP will continue to gain ground at the expense of traditional ERP. Why? Because enterprises will continue to adopt SaaS-based applications to replace legacy, high-maintenance and often marginally effective systems in use today. What managers do not know about cloud is that behind the well-known benefits – cost savings and operations improvements -, there are also some benefits that can potentially change the game for many companies that are willing to be very proactive in managing potential downside. Those are the things I wanna talk about. Easier change management of infrastructure including maintenance and upgrades The use of cloud solutions allows companies to improve the agility to deploy solutions and choice between vendors, especially when cloud interoperability will become a reality. Or, at least, more than it is today. Cloud computing also offers an online […]

Getting the Object IDs & Element IDs for URL API

Data: 26-09-2011

Here’s a quick tip to follow up with Answering Prompts via URL API. If you need to get the Object ID of an Attribute or Metric dynamically, you can use this syntax:       And if you want a shorter way to get the Element ID, which is the AttributeGUID:AttributeID pair, this will do the trick:     by Bryan Brandow (This article was first published on Bryan`s MicroStrategy Blog)

Five reasons for a successfull BI implementation

Data: 23-09-2011

I read a lot about BI implementations failure. I wrote myself an article about it few months ago. But I have a question: what a BI implementation need to succeed? I ask this question also to the members of Business Intelligence Professionals on LinkedIn. And after reading almost 400 comments, I was able to make a short list of 5 things that will help a BI implementation process to succeed: 1. The presence of a Good Business Analyst who understands business and who has a zeal for technology.This is a role that can bridge gap between functional experts and IT- BI experts. 2. A Good Dimensional models with flexibility to enhance future requirements. Basically well thought out models expecting future rquirements. 3. Requirements understanding between data modelers, data integrators and reporting people. 4. A proper resource and project management. 5. User friendly, self-help oriented and designed for the users and […]

Automatic Project Login Web Addon

Data: 12-09-2011

I’ve noticed that in my experience, most users log into a single project.  Either because there’s only one project in the environment, or because the projects are specific to their department or function and it’s the only one they have access to.  With that, it’s always slightly annoyed me that a user has to login and then click to access the single project they have. I’ve wanted to build a web addon for a long time that would automatically send a user to their project if they’ve only got access to one, but still present the normal project list to someone with access to many.  I’m not very good with the Web SDK and have only done some very basic stuff, but I finally had success with this project and was able to somewhat accomplish it.  It’s not perfect, and I think it could be a lot better, but I’d […]

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