Excellence in IT Service Management

Up-and-running critical system requires state-of-the-art IT Service Management. BITSoftware helps you organize your IT services and infrastructure in order to provide the proper business value by IT.

Servers & Application Administration

Application and Database Server administrator can be outsourced based on a Service Level Agreement (extended support contract) for 24/24 and 7/7 administration. The infrastructure can be hosted on secure & reliable data centers, or on your premises.

Our IT staff and partner network have wide expertise in managing critical servers for different high-availability businesses, covering different operating systems, databases and monitoring tools.

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Change Management

The controlled implementation of changes requires a larger project approach. So one change can vary from one mega-project with many sub-projects, to a small project with a short duration. Our methodology and tools provide the support for change management at both operational level – “What are my responsibilities?”, and tactical level – “How is the progress of the project?”.


  • Change management
  • Storing templates for changes
  • Structuring changes in a ‘breakdown structure’
  • Establishing and implement actions
  • Progress report
  • Management information through Business Intelligence tools
  • Supporting ITIL Process Change Management

IT Department Optimization

Our consultants can help you with optimization services for your internal IT and also with other unseen optimizations.

Optimization Examples:

  • The benefits of an ITSM methodology, and tool for your organization becomes evident when the quality of service to the customers is increasing on a regular basis;
  • Detailed management reports with a more sophisticated time tracking;
  • A configuration database or a problem connecting to the database organization and case processing;
  • Integration will also work for other applications, such as building management, complaints management. After all it costs you nothing extra if you can keep using the “concurrent users” that you have purchased.

More Information

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