a flexible and easy to use e-learning solution, supporting learning processes, evaluation and certification of employees, providing the necessary reports for tracking progress.


  • Minimize training costs
  • Standardize the learning process across your organization
  • Assess and certify employees knowledge
  • Grow talents
  • Increase retention and satisfaction from training
  • Capture meaningful social interactions
  • Improve communication along the enterprise
  • Build your own detailed reports and learning progress
  • Complete platform – includes a lot of components for course and content generation, online tests, communication, employees assessments and certifications.
  • Easy to use


  • Branch Management – use branches to reflect your organizational hierarchy
  • Job-lessons corelation – assign lessons to employees based on their working positions
  • Notifications – create and send custom email notifications
  • Skill-gap tests – identify the skills that your students lack and personalize their training paths
  • Certifications – build and issue your own certifications
  • Progress tracking – several visual indications guide the user through the lesson and his current progress
  • Test builders – build tests by assembling questions from a question pool
  • Skills management – create, assign and use skills to identify competencies
  • Reports generator – the enterprise version of eFront includes a highly configurable reports generator
  • Enterprise wide-communication – internal messages based on your organizations structure
  • Social extensions – a rich set of tools to facilitate the social learning process
  • Advanced security and access control – features like LDAP support or IP restriction help building a secure system
  • Content editors – eFront includes a powerful and flexible content editor with support for multimedia
  • Customization and flexibility – drag and drop components, select a new theme or the active component for your lessons. eFront is an elegant solution that doesn’t look outdated.

More info

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