Socrate Payroll Software Application

Socrate Payroll is designed  for the Human Resources departments of Romanian based companies.

The solution defines and manages the employees structure, keeps records of wage rights, holidays, medical leaves and other additions or deductions that may apply to the employee or business. The main scope of the solution is to cover as many particular cases as possible, knowing that most issues in this field are complex.

Socrate Payroll Software Application

Flexible Configuration

Socrate Payroll offers its users the freedom to configure and customize application areas such as interface and functionality. Configuring the application to the company’s specifications is a simple process. You can define employees with multiple characteristics, grouped by sections (personal and identification data, payment type and value, contract details etc.), specific activities (contract suspensions, detachments, qualifications) and wage additions such as lunch tickets, gift cards, wage premiums and periodical added amounts or deductions.

User Access Rights

The Socrate Payroll application can be configured to restrict user access to specific information or processes, in order to protect sensitive data.

Organizational Structures

After defining supervisors and taskmasters for employees you can generate the functional and taskmaster organizational structures. Independently, you can also define a department based organizational structure.

Generating an Employment Contract

An individual employment contract is generated based on a template, predefined for the organization, based on existing employee data, thus shortening data processing and document completion times.

Detailed payroll information

In addition to employment contract, additional information regarding employees can be registered, such as: persons under care, ID card expiration date, certifications and their expiration dates, work sanctions, driver’s license, work ID, etc.

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Socrate Payroll BITSoftware - Employee detailed evidence


For each employee you can attach files within the application, for later access. For the work ID picture, this is done separately, so that it will be visible every time employee details are accessed.

Employee and Wage History

The application offers the possibility to view employee wage changes in time, and also to plan future wage negotiations. Employee wage data is accessible at any time, without having to access archived data.

Generate or Import Monthly Time Records

Monthly time is generated automatically based on employee daily work times and taking in consideration holidays, medical leaves, contract suspension periods and temporary company activity shutdowns. Generating monthly time reports can be done for each timekeeper so that they can only access information based on their allocated employees. Monthly time can also be imported from external systems or excel files.

Wage Calculation Flexibility

The complex algorithm used to calculate wages offers the possibility to establish wage negotiations in net value, gross value, as well as in foreign currencies. Using the basic wage, return index and applicable wage additions, the wage can be calculated from net to gross value or from gross to net value, in the currency of choice.

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Socrate Payroll BITSoftware - Wages calculator

Fast Wage Calculator

The wage calculator can be used for fast wage and employment costs calculations, for employees, starting from the negotiated net or gross values, or for the organization, by simulating the application of collective wage growth indexes.

Day Workers Records

For activities done by day workers, individual data can be registered or imported, in order to complete the 112 Declaration. This information will also be available through the Socrate Payroll interface, at any time, for specific reports.

Other Income

In Socrate Payroll you can keep records of employee incomes other than the wage, which must be entered in the 112 Declaration, such as: copyright, collaboration contracts, compensations for non-competition clauses, lease, etc.

Data Import

Data can be imported from MS Excel files, making it easier to process large amounts of data. For this purpose, specific import processes are available to users, through the application interface.

Data Export

From the Socrate Payroll application, data can be exported using the reporting functionality. When exporting wages to bank accounts, files, structured as requested by each bank can be generated. (in the available file formats: csv, txt, xls, dbf).

Electronic Declarations

The BIT Software payroll solution, Socrate Payroll has been configured to respond to constantly changing legislative requests, regarding electronic declarations. This includes the payment obligations to the local and state budget (112 Declaration) and the employee register (REVISAL).

Multiple and Flexible Reports

Socrate Payroll offers a wide range of reports for wages (wage distribution report, wage by work standards report, wage structure report) as well as reports for work times, holidays, deductions, lunch tickets and certificates. The standard reports available can be edited by the user through the easy to use report editor.

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Socrate Payroll BITSoftware - Reports

Native integration with SocrateCloud and Socrate+

Socrate Payroll is integrated with the SocrateCloud and Socrate+ ERP solutions. As a result, it is possible to transfer accounting notes according to the structures defined in the accounting schema and accounting dimensions, so that the payments made to employees and to the local and state budgets can be recorded as costs. SocrateCloud integration allows, in addition to monthly work times, the recording of project work times.

Optimized for large data

The interface and database are optimized to work with large amounts of data, generated by more than 10.000 employees per organization.

Statistics and Managerial Analysis

The large amounts of data registered for each employee is processed by the OLAP server, which offers the possibility of data analysis across long periods of time, thus creating decisional support for the organization’s management team, and saving great amounts of time when generating mandatory statistical reports.

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Socrate Payroll

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