Consultancy and implementation

Due to business complexity, the ERP systems also became complex, important for the success of a company using such systems is not only the quality and functionality, but also the way these systems are implemented.

With more than 23 years experience in ERP & CRM implementations, BITSoftware offers high quality services to insure a smooth implementation process and the best results to accomplish company’s objectives.

Standard implementation methodology, service management dedicated software tools and highly qualified personnel insure timely and efficient implementation, guaranteeing answer times to every implementation request. Based on the company’s activity, size and its adaptability, you can choose from different implementation typologies, which insure an optimized use of the system. This means rapid return of investment and important savings that are a direct result of using the system.


Training and certifications

In order to benefit from the optimal exploitation of our business solutions, we offer specialized training and certifications for all our solutions. Courses are available for application administrators, key users, developers, sales partners. For more info about the courses, please contact us.

Maintenance and support

Customer satisfaction is our absolute priority and therefore we hired the best support people to help you overcome obstacles and keep your system running smoothly.

With your annual technical support and maintenance subscription, you get guaranteed response time and solutions to your technical requests, benefit from customized helpdesk services, get notifications on new patches, hot fixes and specific information regarding the resolved requests.

Extended support services provide technical assistance at implementation, client-side or remote incident solving, ERP and customers servers administration, development of extensions and specific adaptations, integration with other systems and devices, migration from/to other ERP/CRM systems.


App Factory

In addition to rich functionalities in our business software solutions, our specialists have developed extensions and adaptations based on customer specific requirements.

These can be developed by our team, by our authorized partners, or even by the beneficiary's IT department. The extensions refer to: new functionalities, reporting and analysis, hardware integrations, software integrations.

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