Because it is the most beautiful city in Romania



For those who want to live in a clean city with fresh air, quiet neighbourhoods and animation in the centre of town and commercial areas, Brasov is the perfect choice.

Brasov is one of the biggest cities in Romania, situated in the middle of the country, at 170 km distance from the capital Bucharest. It’s a green city, surrounded by mountains, the Tampa natural reservation, being situated just in the middle of the town.

In Brasov the summer lasts 50 days, and the winter almost 90 days, to the delight of sports lovers, the snow covers the mountain areas more than 70 days per years, making Poiana Brasov a resort where almost all winter sports can be practiced.
The climate in the mountain areas is cooler and more humid, with relatively low rainfalls and lower temperatures. Summer standard temperature is between 22 and 27 degrees and winter temperature is between -10 and -2 degrees.

Social highlights

Brasov is a city that gives you many reasons to love it. It is an accessible city in comparison to other major cities in Romania, with lower costs for living, with a well developed transportation system, with schools and kindergartens in every neighborhood, with prestigious high schools and a university that prepared valuable people.

Whether you want to live in a blocks neighborhood where the surrounding gardens are generous, or live in a quiet homes neighborhood or in the old city, where the charm of the buildings enchants you, you will feel very good here. The settlements around the city, can also be a quiet alternative to urban life.

The city is compact, driving from one end to the other lasts no more than 30 minutes. The bike can be a good alternative for the transport in the city.


Culture and education built their way in Brasov’s life since early and continue to be represented and promoted by institutions, foundations, churches.

Brasov means people and events. Each institution wants to bring added value to the cultural life in Brasov, from theaters to libraries, from universities to foundations, from churches to cultural centres, music being also successfully represented.

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