Our partners and customers are our family

For the last 22 years, BITSoftware R&D center in Romania has been running a successful ERP & CRM software business solution for the local market.

In november 2012, we launched SocrateCloud, based on SocrateOpen, the complete ERP & CRM software solution, 100% cloud, in order to assure a high availability and scalability for the global market.

Analyze and train

If you want to find out more information related to SocrateCloud please go to the SocrateCloud section or participate to BITSoftware’s trainings sessions.

Become a SocrateCloud ERP & CRM partner

The SocrateCloud ERP & CRM partnership model is very flexible, and supports more programs:

Sales Partner

In this model the partner only promotes SocrateCloud to potential customers. The solution is delivered in cloud by BITSoftware, which manages the instances and offers the first line of support and the implementation services.

Value Added reseller Program (VAR)

In this model the partner provides the solution to the customer including first line of support. The solution is delivered in cloud, the instance could by public (shared instance) or private and is managed by BITSoftware or an Authorised Cloud Partner, which provides the second level of support to the partner.

Cloud Partner Program

The Cloud Partner can develop a network of Value Added Resellers or sell the solution directly to the final customer. This program allows the partner to offer the solution in cloud, in a public or private instance managed by BITSoftware, or in his own cloud, managed by the partner. The Cloud partner can develop components and offer specific customer application solutions (OEM) built on SocrateCloud platform, together with support, implementation and training services.

Bitsoftware Cloud Partner Program

If you are interested to become a SocrateCloud partner please fill in the SocrateCloud Partnership Program Form and click on the submit button (the fields marked with * are compulsory). After we receive your form, one of our representatives will contact you in maximum three working days.

More Information

For more information about SocrateCloud Partnership Program, please an e-mail to sales@bitsoftware.ro.