Strong allies based on long term, successful businesses relationships

A partnership with BITSoftware is a strategic, beneficial alliance based on trust, mutual understanding and obligations. We understood that one single company cannot effectively supply all aspects of a customer solution.

That is why we developed strong relationships with industry leaders who provide the technology on which our ERP products are based, but also with other partners who can complement our business in order to provide maximum value to our customers. BITSoftware Technology Partners

BITSoftware Technology Partner Amazon

Amazon Web Services – Technology Partner

As an APN Standard tier Technology Partner, we leverage the Amazon infrastructure and platform for delivering cloud solutions with high availability and reliability.

BITSoftware Technology Partner Microstrategy

MicroStrategy, Inc. – Technology Partner

MicroStrategy technology is embeded in Socrate systems for advanced reporting and analysis functionalities. Complete Enterprise BI solutions are deployed with MicroStrategy. BITSoftware is an authorized distributor, reseller and OEM partner.

BITSoftware Technology Partner Microstrategy

Google Inc. – Technology Partner

As an authorized Google Partner, we provide standalone Google Apps solutions and integrate them with Socrate systems.

BITSoftware Technology Partner Microsoft

Microsoft Corp. – Technology Partner

BITSoftware is a Microsoft Silver Certified partner, with ISV and BI competencies. Microsoft SQL Server is the database and BI technology for Socrate+ ERP system.

BITSoftware Technology Partner Oracle

Oracle Corp. – Technology Partner

Oracle databases are succesfully deployed in SocrateOpen installations and SocrateCloud, from small to very large ERP implementations.

BITSoftware Methodology Partner Agile Alliance

Agile Alliance – Methodology Partner

Software development and solutions implementations are based on Agile methodologies

BITSoftware Technology Partner MPRISE

Mprise – Technology Partner

High level business modelling services based on Enterprise Engineering Concepts and DEMO methodology are provided through our strategic partnership with Mprise.