Consulting services based on two decades of experience in ERP & CRM implementation

Due to business complexity, the ERP systems also became complex, important for the success of a company using such systems not only for their quality and functionality, but also in the way these systems are implemented.

With more than 20 years experience in ERP & CRM implementations, BITSoftware offers high quality services to insure smooth implementation process and the best results to accomplish company’s objectives.

ERP Implementation services

A full range of ERP implementation services is provided directly by BIT Software or by certified partners:

  • Project management
  • Business and functional analysis
  • In-house training – tailored to your specific requirements
  • Business process consultancy

Rapid return of investment and important savings

Standard implementation methodology, service management dedicated software tools and highly qualified personnel insure timely and efficient implementation guaranteeing answer times to every ante and post implementation request. Based on the company’s activity and size as well as its adaptability, you can choose from different implementation typologies, which insure optimized and rapid exploit of the system. This means rapid return of investment and important savings that are a direct result of using the system.

BITSoftware ERP Implementation Steps

ERP Implemntation Steps


Implementation services are for the end-users who use BITSoftware systems, as well as application administrators who have to assure internal support for end-users.

More Information

For more information regarding implementation, please send us a quick note, email ( or call at +40-368-412121.