Easy and rapid software & hardware customizations and integration

Besides the rich standard functionality existing within the Socrate ERP products, customized extensions and functionality are developed based on specific customer requirements.

These specific developments can be done by BITSoftware development team, by authorized partners or even by customers’ IT department. These extensions refer to:

New Functionality

New functionality embedded in custom components (add-ons) which are maintained on a release management cycle distinct from the core system, with the benefit of easy maintenance with no customization losses.

Reporting and Analysis

  • Custom new reports can be developed easily by power users or system administrators
  • Complex reporting and analysis solution are subject to the Business Intelligence extensions

Hardware Integration

Integrations with different devices for increased productivity and control such as:

  • HandHeld devices – for order, receipt & inventory management based on barcodes
  • PDA’s – for Sales Force Automation and vending activities
  • POS – for different retails scenarios
  • Devices from the manufacturing flows for process automation
  • Time tracking systems – for Time management and Payroll integrations

Software Integration

Integrations with different applications:

  • Billing systems for Telco and Utilities
  • E-commerce applications for on-line presence
  • Specialized shop-floor control software for the manufacturing industry
  • GoogleApps integrations with different gadgets based on ERP/CRM data (link la GoogleApps)
  • Microsoft Office (Excel, Word etc) and Open Office add-ons for complex calculations and documents, which requires data exchange with the ERP/CRM systems.

Open Framework

Both systems – SocrateCloud and SocratePlus – have an open framework which allows rapid development and customization, based on a modern and strong model driven and SOA architectures and an agile methodology.

More Information

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