WiData – The best experience of data collection

Maximum flexibility. No upfront investments. No additional infrastructure.

WiData is an innovative data collection tool that runs on Telnet on any mobile device and stores the data in cloud with an API for connecting to any other 3rd party application.

WiData WMS

Wide Applicability Area

  • Assets inventory counts: quick scan the code of each asset and add additional information such as location.
  • Price monitoring: scan the product barcodes in stores and input the price information.
  • Tracking operations: your workforce activities by scanning any location based on routing. The history will be stored.
  • Materials movement: any transactions that may require users to use a mobile device to collect data.



WMS in cloud

Cloud service. Pay as you go


Real Time Data Availability

WMS on any device

Use any Device


WMS Flexibility

Customizable by user

Data collection

Accessible from any location

WiData data collection security


WiData is a Wisoft Professional Services solution powered by SocrateCloud  – The open business platform.