Socrate+ a mature ERP solution

Socrate+ is a mature software solution implemented in tens of Romanian companies. Socrate+ is one of the first enterprise resource planning system developed in Romania. With first implementations started in 1995, Socrate+ grew from year to year, and recorded in over 20 years, tens of success stories in retail, distribution and process industry.

Socrate+ is an intelligent modular ERP, a platform for planning and management of all resources within the organization.

Industry dedicated

Socrate+ deeply knows the processes specific to industries like distribution, retail and food industry, being used in more than 150 medium and large Romanian companies, working in these areas. The long experience in working with these type of companies and the number of customers using the system, recommend Socrate+ as a mature solution that helps to increase efficiency and competitiveness.

Committed and dedicated professionals

Socrate+ is developed by BITSoftware and sustained by implementation and technical support services offered by BITSoftware and its authorized partners. Over 4.000 users of Socrate+ can appeal every moment to professional support services from a dedicated team of BITSoftware specialists and licensed partners, with implementation experience measured in years.

Modern technology and architecture

Socrate+ engages innovative functionality and technologies and contains now extensions and integrations with several applications and devices specific to retail and distribution industry. Defining features of the Socrate+ ERP system are maturity and stability, characteristics obtained and tested in 15 years of experience in implementation and support services to different and numerous clients.

Socrate+ functionality:


Optimization of the cash-flow (treasury) and improvement of financial performance indicators can now be achieved easier with Socrate+ financial package. Multi-organization and multi-currency data consolidation, together with remarkable flexibility in organization of accounting elements are just some of the strengths of this package.
Modules:  Budgets  Accounting  Fixed Assets  Treasury


The Commercial package enables you to manage successfully contractual relationships with business partners (both customers and suppliers). It is addressed mostly to commercial and marketing departments as well as to the executive management. It is perfectly integrated with the other Socrate+ modules.
Modules:  Stocks  Prices  Orders-Sales  Purchasing


The POS module is used in supermarkets for all the activities related to sales using POS (Point of Sale). The module manages the communication between the ERP Socrate+ from Back Office and the equipments used in the Front Office (POS, scales, handhelds).


The Production module is helping the management with the entire production process, from materials purchasing to finished goods manufacturing. It allows production planning/preparation, launching and tracking, as well as product approval and manufacturing control, specific consumption registration, finished product delivery. It also allows waste control, rectifications, and consumption variation.


Nowadays most of the companies have to manage impressive amounts of data regarding customers, suppliers, orders, sales, products, etc. Business Intelligence solutions help you transform data into information and information into knowledge, thus enabling management to make well informed decisions that lead to improved activity performance in the organization.
Modules:  Reporting Services  OLAP Services


Socrate+ is using a client-server system architecture based on Microsoft technology.

  • Database: Microsoft SQL Server 2012 (including OLAP and reporting services used in the analysis modules).
  • The operating systems used on the client stations are Windows XP, Vista, and Windows 7.
  • The transfer of data between working environments is done using the SQL Server replication mechanism.

SocratePlus Demos:

SocratePlus for Retail
SocratePlus for Distribution
SocratePlus for Manufacturing
SocratePlus Dunning

More Information

For more information regarding Socrate+ features please download the attached whitepaper.