FluxVision – The next generation WMS

No license fee. No upfront investments. Seamless implementation and integration!

FluxVision  is the first WMS (Warehouse Management System) application based on cloud infrastructure, addressed to companies that want to automate their warehouses and manage inventory, stock movements, the employees activity and warehouse locations.

Fluxvision is more than an application, it is a warehouse management system that comprehends tens of years of experience in developing WMS solutions, successful implementations, innovations and last, but not least, transparency regarding costs and integration.

Warehose Management System in cloud
Cloud based WMS

Real time

WMS on any device
Available on any device


WMS Flexibility

Extensible. Warehouse virtualization

WMS on any device
Subscription based

Accuracy and Agility

The innovative cloud architecture combined with the rich functionality means immediate customer benefits, such as:

  • Maximum flexibility in customizing any business workflows.
  • Warehouse and shop floor operations based on any mobile device, running built-in WiData module.
  • Data interchange with any other application, through an open API.
  • No licensing costs. Unlike traditional WMS applications, FluxVision runs as a subscription based service. The customer has a full overview and control of all costs.
  • Various add-ons are available, from 3D real-time warehouse visualization, drag-and-drop control of the operations to complete ERP and CRM functionalities. Natively integrated with SocrateCloud.



FluxVision is a Wisoft Professional Services solution powered by SocrateCloud platform.