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SocrateERP is integrated with an extensive suite of specialized software applications and hardware devices, offering full functionality to our customers and automation of business processes.
The SocrateCloud platform is open and allows access to APIs for developing specific applications and integrating with any business application.
SocrateCloud API Overview

It is a Resource Management solution offering end-to-end visibility and projects performance. In Cloud.
With SocrateRM you can track the entire project from the kick-off to invoicing. Share and use the resources in the most efcient and productive way. Stay proftable by delivering the best quality.

is a software solution used by medium and large Romanian companies to define and manage the personnel structure, record of wages rights, holidays, medical leaves and other entitlements or deductions that may apply to the employee or the business.


FluxVision eis an innovative cloud WMS solution. No license feed. No upfront investments. Seamless implementation and integration! It automates entirely all the storage activities and the administration, no matter of the size or number of your warehouses. FluxVision is more than a simple application, it is a system that comprehends tens of years of experience in developing WMS solutions, successful implementations, innovations and last but not least transparency regarding costs and integration. FluxVision is a Wisoft Professional Services solution developed on SocrateCloud platform.

FieldBook AgriApps (FBAA) is the software solution that allows you to manage all farm activities: planning, tracking and executing farm works, inspections, treatments, equipment and cost management, labour management, detailed reporting and analysis. The software solution is addressed to those who want to grow their agricultural production and to perform a more efficient farm management.

SocrateBI MicrostrategyMicrostrategy MicroStrategy is the BI platform used by millions of users and thousands of companies around the world. MicroStrategy combines traditional BI reporting with state-of-the-art analytics, mobile and cloud computing, enabling organizations to build and deploy applications that maximize the value of information and speed business performance.


WiData is the first cloud platform designed to collect data on-field.

Maximum flexibility. No upfront investments. No additional infrastructure.

This however is not the only innovation, the system being designed in a manner that ensures complete flexibility in all respects thus allowing any functionality to be mapped on top.

The service provides a predefined set of functions for data collection for the most common operations: inventory count, fixed assets, stock price collection. In addition, each user can configure any data collection flows and then use them at will.

WiData is a Wisoft Professional Services solution developed on SocrateCloud platform.

SocrateService SocrateService-Aplicație mobilă pentru reprezentanții de serviceis the mobile application, a native extension of the SocrateCloud solution that facilitates the field work of service representatives, efficiently manages the time and services offered, improving quality.

For field activities, with SocrateService you can easily plan requests and tasks and enter intervention actions, consumables and spare parts, you can generate the expense report at the place of intervention, on any mobile device: phone or tablet, regardless of the operating system.

SocrateTimesheet is the mobile app for timesheet in construction.

Track and manage your workforce from your mobile phone. Get accurate information on site, detailed at the level of projects, phases and subphases and reduce labor costs! By processing the hours worked on the project, the costs and profitability are calculated in real time. All data in the SocrateTimesheet mobile application is securely stored in the cloud for immediate and anywhere access.


SocrateExpenseSocrateExpense Mobile App is a mobile application, a native extension of the SocrateCloud solution, that facilitates the introduction of statements, simplifies the approval flow, automates the generation of the statements in SocrateCloud and helps to reimburse the amounts faster.
Whether you are on the go or at the office, with SocrateExpense you can easily enter your statements, in the shortest time, from any mobile device: phone or tablet, but also from your computer, regardless of the operating system. Register your statements in real time and save time for the activities you travel for and that add value to your business.

SocrateWorkflow Aplicație MobilăSocrateWorkflow  - the mobile application, is a native extension of the SocrateCloud solution that standardizes the document approval workflow, reducing processing time and improving decision making.
Wherever you are located, with SocrateWorkflow you can approve, reject, redirect, or escalate to the next level, documents in a flow of documents for approval, from any mobile device: phone or tablet, regardless of operating system.

SocrateERP offers users the possibility of integration with HandHeld devices with the aim of managing orders, receptions and stocks based on barcodes.


The Online Banking extension allows import and automatic processing of a bank statement obtained from the bank application or other applications provided by customers.

There are integrations with

• ING Bank
• Banca Transilvania
• Unicredit Țiriac Bank
• Raiffeisen Bank

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Couriers Integtions ERP
SocrateERP integrates with the applications of most courier companies in Romania: Urgent Cargus, Fan Courier, Nemo Express, Postis, UPS, DB Schenker, GLS, Sameday.
The integration of SocrateERP with the fast courier services, via API,
 facilitates the automatic sending of the order to the courier with all the autocomplete data and the generation, at the same time, of the transport documents (AWB) that can be passed on to the customers. If the courier service allows, cash on delivery can also be imported, so they will no longer be processed manually.

SocrateERP is integrated with Gookle Workspace, allowing companies that use both applications to share contacts and calendars, log in to the ERP solution with their Google Account, use the Google Cloud printer, print documents over the web, from anywhere. Learn more

Specialized software for the Auto industry. Integrations: Cross, Autonet, Greensoft.

Apps for creating, transmitting, converting, processing and monitoring invoices from vendors or customers.


Integration with DocXchange and Tecnet.

Integrare ERP eCommerceSocrateERP is integrated with

  • Magento, an open source system with rich functionality that provides flexibility and control over the content and functionality of online stores
  • OpenCart - Professional e-commerce platform, integrated with SocrateERP, with a full range of functionalities required by any type of online store.
  • Emag Marketplace, including on the courier side, so that when delivering orders from the Emag Marketplace, it will also be possible to send delivery requests by courier in accordance with Emag's specifications..
  • SocrateMarketplace
  • Datalogic
  • Motorola
  • Any mobile device with Telnet installed
  • Sacles: Bizerba
  • Cash registers: Datecs
  • POS: Sedona
Devices for production flow automation.
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