Better business decisions with SocrateBI Business Intelligence software

SocrateBI is a latest generation business intelligence software solution designed for companies of all sizes interested in having an integrated reporting, analysis and notification solution.

Business Intelligence software – functionality diagram

SocrateBI is powered by MicroStrategy, the leading BI platform on the market. More than one million people worldwide and thousands of leading companies across all industries use MicroStrategy Business Intelligence software every day for better business decisions.

Business Intelligence software - functionality diagram

  • Analyze, report and monitor company at 360 degrees
  • Reports, documents, scorecards and dashboards allow top management and users to obtain a clear image of all departments, anytime. Multiple data sources represent a benefit which can sustain any decisions at any level.
  • Implementation in couple of days
  • SocrateBI offers native connectivity with ERP systems Socrate and DynamicsNAV which means shortening the time for implementation to couple of days. The effort for data consolidation in a data warehouse and creating connectors is reduced to a bare minimum, thus allowing your company to start reporting immediately.
  • Ready for production application in a very short time
  • SocrateBI modules offer the possibility to have the data in reports, scorecards, dashboards immediately after connecting to data sources. Reports already included were chosen as the most used by a number of companies that used a B Iplatform.
  • Easy to use reports, scorecards and dashboards
  • Taking advantage of MicroStrategy capabilities, users from all levels can create, modify, adapt and customize any report, document or scorecard. The very short learning curve is a benefit for final users capable to create own reports and take some of the load off the IT department, thus allowing its members to focus on other pressing issues inside the company.
  • Multiple sources of data from ERP’s, OLAP cubes and Excel
  • Company data can exist at different levels and on different storage devices. SocrateBI integrates all this sources in one system which has the role to offer information to any platform users.
  • Connector customization independent from the existing company ERP
  • Any ERP used by the company can be connected to SocrateBI, after specific connectors are created. Data is then transformed with the help of ETL and loaded into data warehouse which supports all objects and reports.

Broad reporting capabilities and deep integration.

SocrateBI provides a set of pre-built modules for the following reporting areas:

Financial reporting and analysis module (FRAM)

FRAM is a SocrateBI module which provides detailed financial analysis and reports and offers an increased flexibility in the decision making process. FRAM is perfectly integrated with Socrate ERP and allows business users at all organizational levels run reports and scorecards, focusing on corporate performance, drilling down to transactional details, viewing trends, and extracting intelligence not otherwise evident. The FRAM module includes Profit and Loss Statements, Balance Sheets, Cash Flow Analysis, Revenue, Expenses and Costs, Accounts payable and Accounts receivable, Planning and Forecasting reports and metrics, Dashboards and Scorecards, allowing the possibility to dynamically define the exceptions on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to monitor & catch financial anomalies, thereby reducing financial risk.

Cash Flow Analysis(CFAM)

CFAM is focused on payments analysis and includes specific operational and cash flow reports. Also forecasting functions are included in order to see the trends for future periods.

Sales and Customer Analysis Module (SCAM)

Understanding what motivates customers to do business with an organization is a fundamental aspect of today’s customer-centric business environment. To succeed, organizations must quickly identify changes in customer tastes and preferences and act to improve the overall customer experience. The SocrateBI Sales and Customer Analysis Module (SCAM) is designed to provide deep insight into customer behavior. This insight in turn allows you to reduce attrition of profitable customers, optimize customer profitability, and identify appropriate cross sell opportunities.SCAM assists analysts, managers, and executives to obtain insight into the various factors that drive customer profitability.

Project Controlling Analysis Module (PCAM)

PCAM, the analysis and project controlling module included in SocrateBI, offers more than 23 performance indicators, 12 key reports and dashboards, helping companies control the project’s fulfillment, time spent by employees, planned versus finished projects. This module helps the organizations gain insight on the project realization in term of planning, budgeting and realized. Based on information provided by PCAM, companies can determine available project, spent, working hours, time until the end of projects and can also discover the correlation between planned to start and started projects as well as planned to end and closed projects.

Inventory and Stock Analysis Module (ISAM)

Knowledge about inventory and stock can be gleaned from SocrateBI ISAM module, which include a set of operational reports. Some reports show summarized information to help you see trends, while others display very specific, detailed data about stock, quantity on hand, amount on hand, average quantity sold and so on.

Mature BI Technology

SocrateBI is built on the MicroStrategy platform, recognised as a world leader in the business intelligence market. Data is extracted from different sources such as: operational databases, OLAP cubes, data marts, Excel files. Using a loading mechanism to extract data called ETL (Extract, Transform and Load) these are integrated into data warehouse.

The MicroStrategy Intelligence Server is the most advanced, scalable, secure and robust business intelligence server in the industry. This is the core of analytical data processing, management of services for reports analysis and applications.

Taking advantage of Transactional Services capability, users have the possibility to interact at transactional level with the data warehouse so they can approve requests, make orders, change plans and so on.

In Cloud and On Premises

SocrateBI can be used in cloud based on an annual subscription and installed on our own services.

More Information

For more information, please read the SocrateCloud BI brochure.