SocrateCloud is an open platform with a free API access allowing the development of custom applications.

SocrateCloud API Overview

FluxVision is an innovative cloud WMS solution.

No license feed. No upfront investments. Seamless implementation and integration!

It automates entirely all the storage activities and the administration, no matter of the size or number of your warehouses.

FluxVision is more than a simple application, it is a system that comprehends tens of years of experience in developing WMS solutions, successful implementations, innovations and last but not least transparency regarding costs and integration.

FluxVision is a Wisoft Professional Services solution developed on SocrateCloud platform.

WiData is the first cloud platform designed to collect data on-field.

Maximum flexibility. No upfront investments. No additional infrastructure.

This however is not the only innovation, the system being designed in a manner that ensures complete flexibility in all respects thus allowing any functionality to be mapped on top.

The service provides a predefined set of functions for data collection for the most common operations: inventory count, fixed assets, stock price collection. In addition, each user can configure any data collection flows and then use them at will.

WiData is a Wisoft Professional Services solution developed on SocrateCloud platform.


MicroStrategy is the BI platform used by millions of users and thousands of companies around the world. MicroStrategy combines traditional BI reporting with state-of-the-art analytics, mobile and cloud computing, enabling organizations to build and deploy applications that maximize the value of information and speed business performance.

Integrare ERP eCommerce

  • Magento - SocrateERP is integrated with Magento, an open source system with rich functionality that provides flexibility and control over the content and functionality of online stores.
  • OpenCart - Professional e-commerce platform, integrated with SocrateERP, with a full range of functionalities required by any type of online store.

The EDI Connector extension provides document definitions and interfaces for linking the SocrateERP platform with other systems, through standard EDI interfaces.


The Online Banking extension allows import and automatic processing of a bank statement obtained from the bank application or other applications provided by customers.

Apps for creating, transmitting, converting, processing and monitoring invoices from vendors or customers.

Apps for creating, transmitting, converting, processing and monitoring invoices from vendors or customers.


SocrateERP integrates with courier applications to generate and print the transport note (AWB) and to build AWBs centralization. Integrations: Urgent Cargus, Fan Courier, Nemo.

Specialized software for the Auto industry. Integrations: Cross, Autonet, Greensoft


SocrateERP is integrated with GSuite, allowing companies that use both applications to share contacts and calendars, log in to the ERP solution with their Google Account, use the Google Cloud printer, print documents over the web,from anywhere.

Hardware Integrations


Barcode reading for orders, receipts and inventory management.

The SocrateMobile application allows access to the SocrateERP system via mobile devices. Currently, the app is only available on Android and provides access to the following SocrateERP features: Tasks, Notifications, Expenses account.

POS integrations for Retail (POS Anzisoft, POS Sedona, HIPOS, POS2000, Spectrum, POSition)



Datecs, Sapel, Rompos, Optimus MG1000.

Devices for production flow automation.

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